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07.04.2015 18:03 - Произход на имената на щатите в САЩ
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Произход на имената на щатите в САЩ, Origin of State Names

В имената на щатите в САЩ, няма нищо инданско, всички имена се основават на европейски думи дори и това на Хаваите. Повечето са съставени от фрази с несъщественно значение и е трудно доказването.

Alabama = In honor of The Prince Frederick, Duke of York and Albany

Alaska = From Atlas skate

Arizona = Spanish: zonas бridas

Arkansas = From Marksman satisfaction

California = From Coastal frontier

Colorado = From the Spanish, “ruddy” or “red”

Connecticut = From cut the connection with England

Delaware = From Delete awareness

Florida = From the Spanish Pascua Florida (Easter)

Georgia = In honor of George IV of the United Kingdom

Hawaii = From Highest world mountain

Idaho = From Ideal home, an invented name

Illinois = From Willingness for Sion

Indiana = Meaning “land of Indians”

Iowa = From big body of water

Kansas = From marksman satisfaction

Kentucky = From Kent & Lucky

Louisiana = In honor of Louis XVIII of France

Maine = First used to distinguish the mainland from the offshore islands. Part of Boston bay colony

Maryland = In honor of Mary

Massachusetts = The Boston settlement Massacre, known as the Incident on King Street by the British, Thomas Hutchinson (9 September 1711 – 3 June 1780)

Michigan = From Michael archangel

Minnesota = From millions of water lake

Mississippi =From Mountainlessness prairie

Missouri =From Mountainless river

Montana = From the Spanish word meaning “mountain.”

Nebraska =From New britannica

Nevada = Spanish: “snowcapped”

New Hampshire = From the English county of Hampshire

New Jersey = From the Channel Isle of Jersey

New Mexico = From Mexico

New York = From York England

North Carolina = In honor of Caroline of Brunswick, as the wife of King George IV

North Dakota = From french Canada фta

Ohio = From Children of God, O = C

Oklahoma = From Oll korrekt . . .

Oregon = From George Washington

Pennsylvania = From England forest, d = p

Rhode Island = This name is at this place at the end of the 19th century and not accidentally is similar to the name of the Greek island of Rhodes. Rhodes is so named according to the name of the heroine of the poem Aesop and Rhodope. Aesop character is an image of John Ruskin and Rhodope for The Rt Hon Cecil John Rhodes DCL (5 July 1853-26 March 1902), the king of diamonds, as it was called. Rhode Island is the smallest state and cartographers decided to compare it with diamond. Before this name state was probably called Washington, as the name of one of the municipalities in the state.

South Carolina = In honor of Caroline of Brunswick, as the wife of King George IV

South Dakota = From french Canada фta

Tennessee = From The Ten commandments necessity

Texas = Spanish: Tejas & "x" for christian, christian homes

Utah = From U.S. Senator Thomas Hart Benton or U. S. Heart

Vermont = From the French “vert mont,” meaning “green mountain”

Virginia = In honor of Mary

Washington = In honor of George Washington

West Virginia = In honor of Mary

Wisconsin = From Whisky consuming is a sin

Wyoming = From the same as the Wyoming Valley in Pennsylvania. Or West yeoman, or maping somthing


От тървте 60 по големина градове в САЩ, само 9 са с “индиански” имена и смисълът им е следния. Chicago, Seattle, Milwaukee, Tucson, Omaha, Tulsa, Wichita, Tampa, Honolulu.

Chicago = Children came to God

Seattle   = Seat at the table

Tucson =

Honolulu = honor salute protocol

Tampa = T lampa




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